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WP Job Manager Plugin!

Version 2.0

Proximity Search

Job Manager Geolocation enhances WP Job Manager plugin with proximity search query; Makes it possible to search for jobs based on address and distance ( radius ), allowing users to find the nearest job to a specific location.

Geolocation Filters

The plugin provides additional filters, such as radius, units, and order-by, that can be used with the Jobs search form.

Powered By Google Maps API

The plugin takes full advantage of the powerful features of Google Maps API. Allows for simple and accurate geolocation using Google maps, address autocomplete, auto-locator and more.

Google Places Address Autocomplete

Enable live suggested results on the location field to present the user with suggested addresses to choose from while typing an address.

Auto-Locator Button

Enable locator button inside the address field to allow users to dynamically retrieve their current position and search for nearby jobs based on that.

Show Results On Google Maps

Add Google map to the Jobs form to visually show the location of each job in the search results. You can also create a stand-alone mashup map showing all jobs.

Flowless Integration

Easily enable any of the geolocation features in the Jobs search form via the Settings page or using the additional shortcode attributes provided by the Job Manager Geolocation plugin.

Automatic Updates

Receieve notifications and automatic updates directly to the admin dashboard of your site when new updates are released.

Plugins Compatibility

Job Manager Geolocation is compatible with other extensions, such as Job Alerts and Indeed Integration, as well as with some popular theme such as Jobify. Provides better user experience and workflow.

The Complete Geolocation Solution

Job Manager Geolocation extension uses Google Maps API to enhances the WP Job Manager plugin with Geolocation and mapping features. With Job Manager Geolocation you can easily add Google map, auto-locator button, Google address autocomplete and more, to any of your Job forms. Using Job Manager Geolocation extension the visitors of your site can easily search and find Jobs nearby.

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Plugins Compatibility

Job Manager Geolocation extension is compatible with other popular extensions for WP Job Manager to maximize user experience and workflow.

Resume Geolocation

With the Resume Geolocation extension you can enable the same exact geolocation features the Job Manager Geolocation extension has for the Resumes on your site.

* The Resume Geolocation extension needs to be purchased separatly and it requires the WP Job Manager Resumes add-on.

Theme Compatibility

Job Manager Geolocation should work with most WordPress themes out of the box. However, some themes already have some of Google Maps features built in, which might cause for a conflict with Job Manager Geolocation extension. Below are listed the themes that use Google Maps and that are compatible with the Job Manager Geolocation plugin.

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  • 3 sites
  • Access to all the geolocation features
  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year of updates


$179.00 $99.00 $199.00 Per year

  • unlimited sites
  • Access to all the geolocation features
  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year of updates

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